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A major part of traveling is being able to try things that you’ve never experienced before. For many people, this can include spending time on the sea. Whether you’re planning to take a cruise for the first time or have something a little smaller planned, you might be nervous about getting on the water if it’s something you’ve yet to do. So to help ensure that you have an amazing time during this portion of your travels, here are three tips for preparing for your first time doing a small boat tour on the water.

Wear The Right Shoes

Many first-time boaters are unsure about how to dress for the occasion. In most situations, you should be prepared both for sun and wind. Being on the water is cooler than being on land, so wearing layers is a plus. However, the most important part of your wardrobe is going to be your shoes. According to, it’s smart to wear shoes with rubber soles and that are close-toed. The deck of boats can get very slippery when wet, so you want to wear shoes that will keep you safe. By having close-toed shoes, you can avoid getting injured while on the boat if you do slip on something during your trip.

Be Prepared For Possible Sickness

One of the biggest concerns people have if they’ve never been on a small boat before is the chance of getting seasick. It’s more likely that someone will get seasick on a smaller boat than on a larger boat, so it’s important that you’re prepared for this possibility if you’ve never been on a small boat before. According to Karisa Klee, a contributor to, you should bring both seasickness medication and some OTC pain relievers just in case you do end up feeling a little nauseous or you begin to get a headache. Luckily, these items don’t take up hardly any space so it should be easy for you to bring them along with you on the boat.

Don’t Go Out In Bad Weather

Since you’ve never been on a small boat before or taken a boat tour, you likely won’t be the one who’s in charge of deciding whether or not the water is safe to go out on. But according to the American Sailing Association, everyone should know not to go out on the water in bad weather and should trust their gut about calling off their trip even if others don’t. If the seas look rough and the winds are high, you might want to sit this particular boat tour out for the time being, even if the crew hasn’t canceled the trip. There’s no reason to put yourself in danger or take on unnecessary risks.

If you’re going to be going on your first small boat tour soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this experience.