Getting to and from the airport on holiday can be as daunting as it is exciting. Sometimes you are in a new city, state or country. Whether you know the language or not can add another facet to the already daunting task. In many countries, the airport is the first place where locals can come and take advantage of the unsuspecting fresh tourists, who are unfamiliar with the current customs and value of the local currency. This does not always contribute well to the beginning of a relaxing holiday.


When you arrive off the plane to your destination the taxi drivers are ready there and then, most of the time. This offers a cheap viable solution immediately and hopefully without issues. While most of the time the taxi’s offer good local services and often do not mind telling you all about the destination you have landed in, they can be expensive. The prices can vary from time to time and also make it difficult for the tourists to gauge, accurately, the exact price for a specific distance as soon as they land. That is the best case scenario. Worst case is landing, collecting your luggage and having to wait in heavy ques for a taxi to arrive, before getting yourself and your luggage to the hotel only to find out you have spent too much to get there. It may not be the best experience but it is cheap and interesting.

Private Vehicle

When traveling it is good to be well prepared and able to get the most out of your hard earned time away from your busy lifestyle. We often suggest the best thing to do when getting off the plane, after the arduous task of flying, is to have a driver prepared and willing to get you to your hotel as soon as possible. Let’s face it, a little prior preparation can help in the long run. Many places resorts and hotels can offer transfers to and from the airport and are often too happy to help.

There are dozens upon dozens of available free information sites online that brings together a wide range of experienced travellers. Tripadvisor is a one-stop destination for finding places to see, past experiences and what works and doesn’t work in many areas around the world. Whenever we travel we are always traveling in style from the airport. Nothing beats starting the trip off with a comfortable luxurious ride from the airport. Arranging a suitable airport transfer will save you time and hassle when you arrive.

Final Word

Plan ahead and organise a driver or chauffeured limousine. It is simple and can save having to risk the expense of kicking off your hard earned holiday with a bad taste in your mouth. It is often a similar price to the taxis. We do not suggest taking public transport if you are not local, and or, do not know the area well. It can be costly, a lot more costly than the savings made. Whatever you may choose, we hope it leads to enjoyable experiences, because that is what traveling is all about.


Getting around on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Limousines

Arriving in any new destination can be a daunting experience for even seasoned travelers. That’s why planning ahead and making a possible nerve racking experience that can leave you holiday with a sour taste in your mouth. The Gold Coast is a beautiful part of Australia, with golden white beaches, a vibrant nightlife and many famous tourist attractions all within a short drive from downtown Surfers Paradise.

Coolangatta airport services the Gold Coast region and is close to the major highways that lead North and South to the New South Wales North coast and north to the metropolis of Brisbane City. Many quality hotels and air BnB’s are close by and there is a large variety of hotels and apartments for all budgets.

Getting around can be done using public transport but it’s really a bit limited for a large city like the Gold Coast, best options are care hire, Uber or for a classy experience Limousine Hire. Limos will give your holiday a big lift and create long lasting memories. However you travel, remember to take lots of photos of the surrounding area and have an amazing time exploring the wonderful Gold Coast.