Generally, throughout life, I am one that has a stance that most insurances are a bit of a scam. You are giving a portion of the cost each year for something that more than likely will never happen. Maybe it’s the wrong way to look at things, Life insurance for a 30-year-old, pet insurance and many others seem to be leaning way too much on the conservative side for me. There are arguments for both sides of this debate obviously and I bet you’re thinking, now he’s just going to say he’s against most insurances but he’s fine with travel insurance? Seems a bit rich doesn’t it. Spilling something on your valuable carpets causing stains can be an expensive mistake, So having the right insurance will cover the cost of carpet cleaning in that case.There are some things you just need to insure, your car for one. Third party car insurance is great because the risk outweighs the cost. All it would take would be one mistake and you owe someone thousands of dollars if you are uninsured. That is the thing with travel insurance as well, too many things can go wrong to risk not having it covering you.

What can go wrong?

On your trip overseas there is an abundance of things that can happen to you which can cause you to take on extra costs, in certain scenarios you could have to come home and completely lose all your overseas time and thus, lose all of your money you have already spent! Medical emergencies are impossible to predict, what if you were to be struck with an illness or an injury that you could not take care of yourself. With travel insurance, all your doctor and medical expenses will be covered. This can also add to your costs for instance if you are too sick or injured to travel back home on a plane, travel insurance will help you by covering the costs of any further accommodation and flights that you will require because of your situation.

Travel insurance covers you for many more things including, family emergencies, cover for your travelling companion, accidental death, hospital cash allowance, permanent disability, loss of income, credit card fraud, theft, accidental damage and many more. As long as any of these problems were completely out of your control you will be covered. It is a great peace of mind thing. Personally, I would not do any form of overseas travel without travel insurance the risk is just too great. Imagine knowing your holiday had been ruined and also losing out on thousands of dollars! At least with travel insurance, you are covered in case of something terrible happening.